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‘Well begun is half done’. A good and right beginning always assures success. Many people having perception that UPSC is impossible thing. Usually, what it is fearful for us is to come out of comfort zone and browse unknown area. Nothing is impossible. People who afraid of to starting preparation for IAS, never became IAS. On other hand the people who overcome of their feeling of fear and started, they created at least some possibility/probability of success. So if you want some result, then you have to toss the dice. otherwise you will never get any result. Running away from your problems is a race you will never win, so just face them head on, and overcome them. The bravery to make attempt is valuable cause, we cannot measure the future event without doing real act and experience it. So always remember importance of ‘starting action’.

Starting is unending process till you reach your goal. If you are moving from Mumbai to Delhi by your own car, you have to start your car at Mumbai…and thenafter every place where you stop for taking rest or due to any other reason. In lot of cases, we design all beautiful and elaborate plan but not ‘do’ it. As simple example, many students make up the daily schedule as the vacation start, waking early in the morning, study hard and etc. But, what is the reality? From the first morning, they turn off the alarm unconsciously. Thus, it is really important to start ‘action’ at each movement…it may be beginning of the task of middle of task. We have to maintain the patience that we can keep up the work that we had started. It says if we determined to attempt, we should be responsible till the end comes out.

If you are starting you should have answer of following questions: starting for what? Why? When? How?

‘Starting for what’ indicates Goal…destination. If you are not having proper goal, nobody (even you) can help you. Take small example: You are having enough money (i.e. ability) in your pocket and now you are having thought of travelling…you reach to ticket window and asked a ticket…the person seating there will ask you your destination. Without knowing your destination he will not able to give you a ticket, even you are having enough money. That means without deciding your destination/Goal, you can’t start, even you are having ability. And if you are not starting means definitely you will not achieve. If you know your destination then you can get ticket and also guidance from people about how to go? How far it is? Which convenience is better? How much it will cost? And everything….the only prerequisite is you should know your destination.

‘Why’ is again important component of ‘starting’? Many times we do because somebody else is doing or mother/father is forcing or we are not having anything else to do or doing these things is current fashion/trend/demand or just like that (without any reason). This type of journey you can enjoy for short period, but you can’t travel for long time. Your destination must be your own like/interest supported by your strengths and abilities. It can be your need. eg. If you are having only Rs. 1000 with you and you decided to go to London…you can start for London and you can reach to airport from your place by taxi….but then you have to stop due to limited money (having less ability). Another eg. If you are having enough money but you are suffering from malaria…you should avoid to travel to greater Himalaya as your weak points will not allowing you to set this objective. Sometime we do (without knowing our ability and interest) because somebody else is doing or father/mother is forcing. Here we must remember that if your weight is 60 Kg…and you want to participate in ‘wrestling 80 Kg’ as your neighbour is doing well in it …then either you participate in ‘wrestling 60Kg’ or increase your weight, otherwise you can’t even participate….forget about the achievement.  We can have example related with interest. Some people don’t have interest in marketing, but they join marketing job due to attractive offers like promotions, incentive, foreign tours etc…..after joining will realise that it is not their cup of tea and they escape it. So best thing is that, try to convert your interest into your profession or start to take interest in your profession. Here we must remember that abilities and interest can be changed or developed over a period of time…the only need is to keep patience.

‘When’ is significant because if you are deciding to eat fruit…then first it should be ripened…sometimes you need to wait for right time to start. But this is not applicable in every case. Early bird catches the worm, so in some cases right time to start is as early as possible.

How indicates your methodology and time to achieve your goal. Process/method is very important. You can’t choose bicycle as mode of transport from India to Shrilanka, you should not eat mutton without cooking it, and you should not participate in competitive examination without preparation. Likewise there is standard process of doing anything…one can deviate from it…but the degree of deviation should not be high. Here we must remember that the standard process doesn’t means pre-established process.

What?Why?When?How? also can be expressed as Need, Capacity and interest. If you are having capacity and interest of eating 250 gm ghee daily…but you are already too fat…then need factor lacking…and you should not consume it. If you are having need and interest, then you must develop capacity over a time. If you are having need and capacity then you must develop interest. Need is most essential factor, it can’t be ignored or created.

Nowadays Goal is expected to be smart goal. It means specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. It is also on similar line of What?Why?When?How?

Conclusion, you should choose right to start ensure you your destination…or you should prove your choice right by acting on it till achieving it, as starting is unending process.

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