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Start, Gather information and stay motivated

‘Courage to start new thing’ is initial requirement…without it you can’t start. Known area is zone of comfort for every individual. Every individual like to continue in comfort zone, as he is feeling good, safe and confident there. What it is fearful for us is to come out of comfort zone and browse unknown area. The every known area today was unknown area yesterday….same way any unknown area today can be known area tomorrow….the only requirement is we need to browse it. Believe in yourself blindly and start…
Remember one best example. When you start journey at night with your car….you can’t see your destination, seating in car….event you can’t see your path beyond reach of your car’s headlight…..still you are starting because of you might have travelled from this road in past or in other case you have gathered all information about path, obstacles, time and effort required to reach destination. When you start your journey, then only the non-visible path will become visible with ‘moving car’s headlight’. When you were steady…you were unable to convert non-visible path into visible path. Same way when you start your UPSC preparation…you will face many questions and uncertainty about your ability, interest, capacity and also about UPSC’s vast syllabus, tough competition, many unsuccessful stories etc. Here I suggest you to gather as more as possible information about UPSC i.e. syllabus, best books, suitable strategies, success stories, essential readings, previous year question papers, types of posts and their profile/responsibilities/powers/lifestyle… will help you to stay motivated, energetic and confident.

On other hand, without gathering knowledge from authentic sources, if you form your opinion about UPSC after listening unsuccessful stories and from people who don’t know anything about UPSC, you will be looser and further you will be responsible to spread your negative mindset in society. During my graduation years, one day my professor advised me to leave preparation of UPSC, as according to him it was impossible thing as per their knowledge. Funniest thing was…he has never participated in any competitive exam and formed his opinion (very strong opinion) after listening others…
You must be open minded…i.e. be ready to listen others (positive/negative), analyse it and form your logical and flexible (i.e. ready to change with increasing knowledge) opinion. Here you must know what to accept and what to reject…even it’s very important art to implement during UPSC preparation.

People who afraid of to starting preparation for IAS, never became IAS. On other hand the people who overcome of their feeling of fear and started, they created at least some possibility/probability of success. So if you want some result, then you have to toss the dice. Otherwise you will never get any result.
Starting is unending process till you reach your goal. If you are moving from Mumbai to Delhi by your own car, you have to start your car at Mumbai…and thenafter every place where you stop for taking rest or due to any other reason. In lot of cases, we design all beautiful and elaborate plan but not ‘do’ it. As simple example, many students make up the daily schedule as the vacation start, waking early in the morning, study hard and etc. But, what is the reality? From the first morning, they turn off the alarm unconsciously. Thus, it is really important to start ‘action’ at each movement…it may be new beginning in ‘mid of task’, when we stopped due to some problem or due to lack of motivation. We have to maintain the patience, that we can keep up the work that we had started. It says if we determined to attempt, we should be responsible till the end comes out….for that motivation is needed, which you can receive with increasing confidence and knowledge. So, start, gather information and stay motivated.
Initially you may want prepare for UPSC. After gathering information, with increasing awareness and confidence….you will feel that, you need to prepare for…then you will start to love UPSC preparation….you will start to enjoy the journey……and will reach your destination one day. Focus on converting your want into need and need into love….

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