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India’s relations with Canada were substantively reinvigorated during the period with the Canadian Government under Prime Minister Stephen Harper continuing to consider relations with India a foreign policy priority. Canada’s Foreign Minister, Mr. Maxime Bernier visited India from 10-12 January 2008. Canada’s Deputy Minister for Citizenship and Immigration, Mr. Richard B. Fadden visited India from 12-18 January 2008. India and Canada opened a new chapter in their relations when Canada supported India’s Safeguard Agreement with the IAEA and it also joined the NSG’s consensus decision to allow nuclear trade with India.

Canada India Foundation organized a Canada India Energy forum in Toronto on April 16-17, 2009 to identify opportunities for bilateral cooperation in areas of renewable, fissile and nuclear energy. Invitees included energy companies, government departments and regulatory agencies, policy makers, legislators, investors, bankers and financiers from both countries. The Government of India delegation was led by Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission.

A Government of India team led by Dr. R.B. Grover, Director (Strategic Planning Group) in Department of Atomic Energy and Mr. Don Sinclair, Director General, International Security Bureau, Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Canada held discussions on 21-22 May 2009 on the draft agreement for civil nuclear cooperation.

India-Canada Dialogue on Strategic Issues was held on 18 June 2009 in Ottawa. Both sides exchanged perceptions for enhancing mutual understanding on the situation in the South Asian region, issues related to disarmament, refugee situation, disaster management and other global issues of common concern.

The India-Canada Joint working Group on Counter-terrorism met in Ottawa on 19 June, 2009. The meeting enabled a discussion on global threat perceptions, ongoing terrorist investigations, technical cooperation in the area of counter-terrorism, drug-trafficking etc.

The 3rd India-Canada Joint Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation was held in Ottawa on June 8, 2009.

On June 4, 2009, Punjab’s Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Sucha Singh Langah and Manitoba’s Deputy Premier and Agricultural Minister Rosann Wowchuk signed.

MoU between Manitoba and Punjab on Food Development Park to provide the Manitoba’s expertise to support establishment of a food development centre in Punjab to expand agri food industry.

The first meeting of the India-Canada Environment Forum which has been set up under the India-Canada Agreement for cooperation in the area of environment was held on 18-19 June 2009 in Ottawa.

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