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Is UPSC very tough?


The first question of every beginner of UPSC preparation is: Is UPSC very tough?

Before answering question, I would like to give you one simple example.

What do you say about swimming, is it easy or tough? Swimming is activity of moving through water by moving your arms and legs. Anybody can keep moving his hands and legs in water (if he is believing and willing)….and this enables him to move through water. It means anybody can swim…..any swimmer will agree with it. On other hand, many people don’t know how to swim….many people died in water….many people believes that they can’t swim….many people say that swimming is very tough. Then what is reality? To find answer we need to analyse psychology of swimmer and non-swimmer.

Non-swimmer believes that he can’t swim and that’s why he can’t swim….unconsciously he is not willing to swim.  On other hand every swimmer was non-swimmer before he tried swimming…he tried with WILL and belief that he can and he can. So, there is only difference of will and belief in swimmer and non-swimmer……

So, if you are willing to swim and believing in yourself….then, swimming is very easy….that’s answer!

Now, we will think about national champion in swimming. To become national champion in swimming, first requirement is you must be swimmer….and as we know, it’s very easy. Now we need to see another requirement i.e. hard work and smart work. Hard work includes sticking to time table, practicing regularly etc. Smart work includes supplementary things like yoga, proper diet, different skills and techniques of efficient and effective swimming. (There is no short cut….many people having confusion in short cut and smart work). By completing second requirement one can raise probability of becoming national champion…reaching to this stage is not so easy…but not impossible also.

Practical logic: Like becoming swimmer one can’t assure about becoming national champion (we can raise probability only), as being national champion is competitive (i.e. numbers of positions of swimmer are unlimited….but numbers of positions of national champion are limited). The person lost by minute difference is also equivalent to winner…the only thing is, he fail to deliver his abilities at that time and when winner delivered successfully. You may see different results, if completion re- held….but,  as it is competition, all this logic doesn’t make sense….Still, it will  help you to remain motivated (in case you lost) or to remain on down to the  earth (in case you won).


Coming to UPSC….it’s not swimming….it is competitive exam….so, the logic applied to ‘becoming national champion’, applicable here. With hard work and smart work you can make it possible.

Here we need to remember one thing….we are living in era of completion…so by default, nothing is easy, don’t ask, ‘is it easy or tough?’…this question is irrelevant today. Ask, ‘Is it possible or impossible’….it makes sense in era of completion….and it is winner’s mind-set, you must develop…best of luck!

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