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Class VI: History-Our Past I, Social and Political Life-IScience

Class VIII: Resource and Development (Geography)Social and Political Life,  Our Past III (Part-I), Our Past III (Part II)Science

Class IX: Democratic PoliticsContemporary India, Economics, India and the Contemporary World-I,  Science

Class VII: Social and Political Life-2History-Our Pasts IIGeography-Our EnvironmentScience

Class X: Contemporary IndiaUnderstanding Economic Development, India and the Contemporary World-IIDemocratic PoliticsScience

Class XIHistoryFundamental of Physical GeographyIndia Physical EnvironmentIntroducing SociologyUnderstanding SocietyPolitical TheoryIndia Constitution at WorkIndian Economic Development

Class XII: Themes in Indian History-IThemes in Indian History-IIThemes in Indian History-III, Fundamentals of Human GeographyIndia -People And EconomyIndian SocietySocial Change and Development in IndiaContemporary World PoliticsPolitical Science-IIIntroductory MicroeconomicsIntroductory MacroeconomicsBiology.

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