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This is oldest department/service under Government of India. This central group ‘A’ civil service officers are recruited by UPSC Civil services exam and formally referred as IAS-ALLIED service. IDAS officers trained at various national institutes like LBSNAA-Mussourie, NIFM-Faridabad, NADFM-Pune plus attachments at university of California, rivrerside, USA and in UK, Japan etc. IDAS officers generally acts as Integrated financial adviser or controller in Ministry of Defence. Budget formation/management, financial managers in defence acquisition/procurement/planning/payment/accounting and audit are some of the functions of IDAS. IDAS officers have been in high demand/ can be placed and currently working in various ministries/ Rashtrapati bhavan/PMO/DRDO/ARMY/NAVY/AIRFORC/Cantonment Boards/Cabinet Secretariat/Passport offices/Autonomous bodies/PSU’s/constitutional bodies like UPSC, Seventh pay commission, 3G Spectrum design committee and international organisation like IMF/WTO/ICAO/PMI-UK/PMI-US. IDAS officers also placed in intelligence agency like R&AW. IDAS is considered as very diversified service. An added distinction of IDAS is the fast pace of their promotions which tad-compares their counterparts in other group ‘A’ services, giving its officers opportunity to reach higher echelons of seniority – viz, joint secretary , additional secretary in various ministries and Secretary( Defence Finance) etc.

The designations and time-scales within the Indian Defence Accounts Service are as follows :

Position / Pay Grade in the Government of India Level and Rank Order of Precedence
(As per Presidential order)
Equivalent Position or Designation in the Administrative Service/ Police Service
1 Junior Time Scale Assistant Controller of Defence accounts (ACDA) / Entry-level (Probationer) Additional District Magistrate/Assistant Superintendent of Police
2 Senior Time Scale Deputy Controller of Defence accounts(DCDA) (Equivalent to) Under Secretary to Government of India District Magistrate/ Superintendent of Police
3 Junior Administrative Grade Joint Contoller Of Defence Accounts (JCDA) (Equivalent to) Deputy Secretary to Government of India District Magistrate/Special Secretary/Senior Superintendent of Police
4 Selection Grade Additional Controller of Defence accounts (Equivalent to) Director to Government of India Divisional Commissioner/Additional Secretary/Deputy Inspector General of Police
5 Senior Administrative Grade Controller of Defence accounts(CDA)/Controller of Finance and accounts (CFA(fys))/Integrated financial Advisor(IFA) (Equivalent to) Joint Secretary to Government of India 26 Divisional Commissioner/ Secretary/Inspector General of Police
6 Higher Administrative Grade Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Equivalent to) Additional Secretary to Government of India 25 Principal Secretary/Additional Director General of Police
7 Higher Administrative Grade + Additional Controller General of Defence Accounts (Equivalent to) Additional Secretary to Government of India 25 Principal Secretary/ Director General of Police
8 Apex Scale Controller General of Defence accounts (Equivalent to) Special Secretary to Government of India 23 Addl. Chief Secretary/Chief Secretary/ Director General of Police (Head of Force)
9 Apex Scale Secretary (Defence Finance)/ Financial Advisor Defence Services (Equivalent to) Secretary to Government of India 23 Secretary to the Government of India





  1. Indian Administrative Service (IAS)
  2. Indian Foreign Service
  3. Indian Police Service
  4. Indian P&T Accounts & Finance Service, Group ‘A’
  5. Indian Audit & Accounts Service, Group ‘A’
  6. Indian Customs & Central Excise Service, Group ‘A’
  7. Indian Defence Accounts Service, Group ‘A’
  8. Indian Revenue Service, Group ‘A’
  9. Indian Ordnance Factories Service, Group ‘A’
  10. Indian Postal Service, Group ‘A’
  11. Indian Civil Accounts Service, Group ‘A’
  12. Indian Railway Traffic Service, Group ‘A’
  13. Indian Railway Accounts Service, Group ‘A’
  14. Indian Railway Personnel Service, Group ‘A’
  15. Posts of Assistant Security Officer in Railway Protection Force, Group ‘A’
  16. Indian Defence Estates Service, Group ‘A’
  17. Indian Information Service, (Junior Grade), Group ‘A’
  18. Indian Trade Service, Group ‘A’
  19. Indian Corporate Law Service, Group ‘A’
  20. Armed Forces Headquarters Civil Service, Group ‘B’
  21. Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, D D & NH Civil Service, Group ‘B’
  22. Delhi, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep, D D & NH Police Service, Group ‘B’
  23. Pondicherry Civil Service, Group ‘B’
  24. Pondicherry Police Service, Group ‘B

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