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Strategy for Civil Services Exam

‘UPSC is long term goal….and can’t be achieved in overnight’…it can be divided into several short term goals…and daily strategy can be formed for each short term goal….i.e. daily strategy is not uniform throughout UPSC preparation, but it vary with short term goals.

Eg. If you want to built a house…it’s long process….involves number of sub-planning i.e. budget, resources, architecture, contract, supervision ect. Again one can’t start building roof before beams and beams before pillars. So, we need to divide task in several sub-tasks and have to complete them in appropriate order. Again if you completed pillar in short time…they may not withstand for long…so you need to invest proper time and efforts in each stage to get success.

So, first we have to divide UPSC preparation into short term goals:

  1. Start, Gather information and stay motivated(click on link to read in detail):One must know all about game…before he start participating in competition. You daily strategy during these phase must be ‘Start, Gather information and stay motivated’….During these phase you must go through…Why UPSC, General information about UPSCProfiles of Services participating in Civil Services ExaminationCentral Staffing Scheme(CSS), motivational success stories, Ten things to remember to crack …instead of taking tension/pressure and starting exam oriented study….it’s better to start with starters and soup than main-course….These stage may last for 1-4 months.
  2. In second phase you must finish NCERT and essential Books: For detail please visit- How to read NCERT books... also read Economic Survey (Economic survey Vol. I,  II), India yearbook (India 2016), Government policies, Constitutional amendments, Bills passed and pending in parliament, India’s Struggle for IndependenceHistory of Modern IndiaIndia Since Independence and Laxmikant and One magazine and two national newspapers. These stage may last for 6-8 months.
  3. Exam oriented study: Take syllabus…and exam oriented books…draw your time table….stick to it…and finish it!…it’s toughest stage…It may last for one year.  (Syllabus, Authentic books and free download) It can be divided into three sub-stages:
    1. Prelims oriented study
    2. Mains oriented study
    3. Interview oriented study.
  4. Form your opinion, improve your writing skill and revise the syllabus:During these stage you must solve/practice question papers and keep revising syllabus.These stage starts 6-8 month before each UPSC attempt..and will end after getting desired success or after finishing number of UPSC attempt or Age bar…(And hence, it’s most repetitive stage…)

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