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Strategy for UPSC Prelims

Never forget the prime objective of prelims is ‘to check knowledge of candidate’, so you must read as more as possible (keeping syllabus in mind) and remember it. If you analyse General Studies paper I, then you can divide it in four toughness levels.

  • First level comprises 30% of paper…it is basic and easy…those questions are coming from very basic books like NCERT books. It will not take much time and efforts. Success rate in this section and be 100%.
  • Second level comprises next 30% of paper…you need to put some extra efforts i.e. complete understanding of basic books…it is not so difficult and can be achieved with few readings of NCERT books. Success rate in this section and be 80%.
  • Third Stage comprises 20% of paper …it’s comes from essential readings like India’s Struggle for Independence, History of Modern India, India Since Independence, Economic Survey , India yearbook, Government policies, Constitutional amendments, Bills passed and pending in parliament and One magazine and two national newspapers. With proper planning and smart work one can achieve it. Success rate in this section and be 80%.
  • Fourth stage comprises 20% of paper…and it can come from anywhere …. It’s very difficult and if you want to cover then it will take most of your time. Success rate in this section and be 10-30%. My suggestion is ‘leave this and concentrate on first three stages’…it’s enough to pass.
  • Solve as many as possible objective questions to train brain for prompt response.

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