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Current affairs

In UPSC examination the importance of current affairs is increasing day by day. Not only as future policy maker but as updated human being one need to aware about the changes through which surrounding society is passing. Due to globalization, each and every thing is so complicated and interlinked… if you are not aware about current events, the decision made by you, can’t be perfect. It is easy to understand any problem related with society, if you are well aware about current events. Nowadays UPSC is more focusing on current events at each stage of exam i.e. prelims, mains and interview. In order to increase effectiveness of ‘all answers to questions in mains and essay’, candidate must link  them with current event….it reflects ability of application of knowledge, which is first expectation from civil service candidate.

For current event preparation candidate must read two newspapers,  one magazine (civil services chronicle: recommended) and below mentioned books.


1. INDIA 2016:


India 2016 is a very important reference annual that has been authored by experts on the board with the Publication Division of the Indian Government. Hence, it is an authentic source of the complete information about the current affairs of the country, which includes important dignitaries, state policy, public schemes and important data related to demographics, trade, economy and others.


2.Economic Survey of India:


It is most authoritative and updated source for economics related current information, published by government. It describes ongoing socio-economic wide-ranging challenges and highlights of the policy initiatives of the government and prospects of Indian Economy in the short to medium term.


3.The Pearson Current Events Digest 2015-16

It is very difficult and time consuming process to read each and every important news from daily news paper and prepare notes for exam oriented study. The Pearson Current Events Digest made this difficult task easy and time saving. It is an up-to-date, comprehensive and systematically prepared collection of information on contemporary events with easy-to-understand approach.


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