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Ten things to remember to crack UPSC

Five points you must follow to crack UPSC:

    1. Syllabus prevents you to waste your energy somewhere else and keep you on track….train on track will definitely reach it’s destination…so always be in touch with syllabus (Syllabus).
    2. Previous year question papers acts as compass, provides direction to your study…so always keep them with you. Analyse and practise them with time (PREVIOUS YEARS QUESTION PAPERS).
    3. NCERT Books: Without reading these books you can’t develop your own understanding, this is basic knowledge you can’t skip. One important thing is that ‘All exam oriented publications and class notes are basically prepared from NCER books only’…so when you are using them means you are adopting their angle of interpretation of NCERT book and you will lose originality in your answer. So, go through NCERT books…and insure your success (NCERT BOOKS). So, attending tuition is not essential thing but reading NCERT books is essential thing.
    4. One magazine and two national newspapers to update your understanding and increase awareness about happenings in world. The exam is focusing on live issues and contemporary problems in India and world… (Suggested magazine is ‘Civil Service Chronicle’ and news papers is ‘The Hindu’). In addition to that, watch discussions on ‘Rajya Sabha TV. listening experts’ will help you to develop your thinking in all directions also helps in forming your opinion.
    5. Read Economic Survey (Economic survey Vol. I,  II), India yearbook (India 2016), Government policies, Constitutional amendments, Bills passed and pending in parliament, India’s Struggle for IndependenceHistory of Modern IndiaIndia Since Independence and Laxmikant.

Five points you must avoid to crack UPSC:

    1. Don’t waste your energy in reading excess material…UPSC makes you addicted to reading; you start enjoying reading new information. Here you have to little bit cautious so you should not run out of track.
    2. Don’t follow any shortcut, UPSC demands right combination of hard-work and smart-work.
    3. Don’t listen frustrating experiences of UPSC candidates, it can induce negativity into you.
    4. Don’t try to copy study strategy or writing style of others, develop your own.
    5. Don’t be overconfident, even if you have studied well or already post holder or graduated from top school like IIT/IIM….nobody can predict UPSC.

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