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Why Indian Civil Services/UPSC?

Indian Civil service examination (UPSC) is quite an arduous task as nearly 10,00,000 candidates appear for the exam, out of which about 1,000 candidates get selected after a year-long selection process.
A successful candidate may opt for IAS, IFS, IPS, IRS, IDAS or other services based on their all India rank. All the above Group “A” services are eligible for deputation/promotions under Central Staffing Scheme(CSS). CSS provides a systematic arrangement for the selection and appointment of officers to senior administrative posts of the rank of Under Secretary and above in the Govt. of India. The officer can join PSU, Autonomous institute or in State govt. through non-CSS deputation.

Indian Civil Services offers most attractive-prestigious-respectful-challenging-satisfactory career and an opportunity to satisfy personal ambitions (like representing Indian at word forum/foreign tours, authority, power, achievement) as well as indulge in social welfare (by policy making and implementation). There is a deep sense of job security as a civil servant cannot be fired easily.


Civil services Vs Corporate Job:

We will start with one interesting example. What is better in swimming and flying? Here if you ask this question to Duck, then the answer is swimming. And if you ask this question to Eagle, then the answer is flying. Now tell me, who is more successful and satisfied between duck and eagle?….I know, there is no comparison between eagle and duck as both have achieved excellence in their own field and both are having different strengths. Hence, both can’t be evaluated on the basis of only swimming or only flying. But, surely, the duck who is inspired by eagle and left swimming and started flying, will be unsatisfied and unsuccessful, as he has wasted his time in doing the thing which is not his cup of tea. On other hand, the eagle, who has inspired by duck and quit flying and started swimming will die as he doesn’t understand his weakness clearly. So, understanding our own strengths and weaknesses and developing clarity about ourselves, is the first step.

Now see story of confused birds, say No.1, No.2, No.3, No.4, No.5, No.6….and so on. They are confused as they don’t know who (Duck/Eagle) are they and what (Swimming/Flying) they should do to get satisfaction and success.

Confused bird no.1….he didn’t know who was he but he knows that swimming is good for Duck and Flying is good for Eagle…..but as he didn’t know who was he, he was unable to take decision and confused between swimming and flying….then he randomly chose flying and went to coach, who was a ‘self-centric Eagle’ …so, without analysing student’s profile he advised him to flying….(as Eagle felt flying is easy for him so it will be easy for anybody)….Now confused bird started flying….continued…and achieved nothing….finally unsatisfied. He never comes to know his strengths. His every action was logical but wrong. (You will find large number of civil service aspirants preparing for exam from last 6-10 years, they might have been successful in some another field, if they have chosen appropriate field after few attempt of civil services.)

Another confused bird no.2 accompanied no.1 till starting flying, but after some days he realised that it was not his cup of tea and he left flying to join swimming (Illogical but right action) ….after then, he achieved expertise in swimming….

No. 3, accompanied no. 1 till receiving advice from eagle to fly….but he didn’t follow the advice and joined swimming (Illogical but right action). ….after then, he achieved expertise in swimming….

No.4 chose one wise eagle as adviser. The adviser has observed the difference between himself and the student and advised him to choose swimming (Logical and right action)…..after then, he achieved expertise in swimming….

No.5, as per his intuition, chooses swimming….and went to duck…received advice to swim…started swimming…gain excellence…and finally satisfied.

And so on….story will continue…..for all ‘No. n’ birds….same is presented in ‘figure no. 1’

From above story one can conclude that:

  1. One has to choose appropriate career
  2. One has choose wise and appropriate coach
  3. Sometimes one has to take illogical decisions to get right results (i.e. correction of wrong decisions without wasting time and efforts to prove them right).


Now find out exactly for what you are looking for civil services.. …Surely it’s not money…then what?…it may be satisfaction, joy, respect, social status, relief from ratrace, cool family life, power to do something for society, success etc…Are all those things lacking in corporate job? Are you not getting satisfaction/ respect/ social status there? Is ratrace part of corporate sector and can’t you survive there without participating in ratrace? Is the engagement with corporate job results in insufficient time for yourself & family? Can’t corporate job allow somebody to do something for society? Doesn’t corporate job provide you sense of success and achievement?
Same time you have to check realities of civil services. Is it really satisfactory? Is there no race at all? Is that concept of social status and power still associated with government job, Are you really willing to change society by using your power? Really success means civil services?

Ambani brothers (entrepreneurs), Chanda Kochhar (Corporate job), Sachin Tendulkar (Player), Amitabh Bachchan (Artist), Narendra Modi(Politician)….etc, were never participated in civil services, still they are rich, powerful, famous and satisfied

Now analyse, exactly for what you are looking for corporate job…it may be money, promotions, better life etc….as you have analysed realities of civil services, analyse realities of corporate job.

Remember, Satisfaction and joy are intrinsic things and has no relation with excess money (corporate job) or excess power (civil services)…basically it’s not nature of the job you enjoy…it’s your nature that you enjoy the job…..So, its not civil service or corporate job, but it’s your delivery in your field makes you more satisfied and successful.

Like swimming and flying, Civil services and corporate job required different strengths and attitude. Basically when somebody has to choose one of the sectors…he should go by his strengths, likes, inclination and interest…and not because somebody else suggested it to him or it is demanded by world.

After all, every individual is different with different strengths and weaknesses. So, choice is yours, only you have to be enough wise while choosing. Don’t take decision on face value….go to the depth…give sufficient time…develop understanding until clarity….and take decision….and if you feel that you have taken wrong decision, correct it immediately without wasting time….inputs from counsellor, friends and family will help you to develop clarity about yourself…and empower you to take decision…but, it’s only you, who have to make decision….nobody else….try to find out, what exactly you wanted?

All advisers’ advice is based on their personal experience, it can’t be universal truth. There is no standard answer to “What is better and more satisfactory between corporate job and civil services? ”…It’s depends on you.

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