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While choosing coaching for UPSC

We need to consider few points while choosing coaching for UPSC preparation:

  1. UPSC syllabus: UPSC syllabus is vast….but it’s not ‘Rocket Science’….Everything is related with society/politics/economics/policy. Anyone who can read it, he can understand it. Again UPSC candidate is minimum 21 years old graduate…enough mature to understand simple social/political/economic/policy concepts, if authentic reading material is made available to him. I don’t think there is any need of intermediate for spoon feeding. If you are following proper strategy (NCERT books-Essential books-exam oriented study) then understanding each and every concept is too easy to average candidate. Obviously, there are some concepts which you may find difficult to understand at your personal level…My suggestion is, form a group and discuss them in group….Group discussion play very important role in UPSC preparation. Many time people joins classes to join better group…not to get benefited from tuition. So, to understand UPSC syllabus you don’t need tuition.
  2. Candidate: The candidate who is self motivated…and know art of how to remain self motivated throughout journey…don’t need classes. But there is one group of extremely extrovert candidates, who is enough mature and enough smart to understand all concepts of UPSC syllabus. But, they need continuous monitoring as they are more inclined towards enjoying life in their way than utilizing it for UPSC preparation….they can’t stick to the timetable/schedule for long time…to keep them on track, tuition can play important role. But, be cautious about type of tuition you are choosing. But the best way is to learn art of self motivation… will help you in long term.
  3. Coaching class: Very few coaching classes are genuine, most of them are commercial i.e. primary purpose of them is to make money. They will never tell you the truth that, UPSC is possible without them and any average candidate with sensitive and solution oriented thinking can pass UPSC with hard work coupled with smart work.
    What they do How it helps them How it affects you Always Remember
    Coaching is must for UPSC Ensures their existence You lose confidence for self preparation, Wastage of money  ‘All exam oriented publications and class notes are basically prepared from NCER books only’…so when you are using them means you are adopting their angle of interpretation of NCERT book and you will lose originality in your answer.
    Excess/ heavy study material Ensures popularity and sell. Increases probability of covering syllabus. Wastage of time and efforts Don’t waste your energy in reading excess material. UPSC makes you addicted to reading; you start enjoying reading new information. Here you have to little bit cautious so you should not run out of track.
    We are IAS-maker: Best advertisement Smart candidates (already capable) joins class and results in good output You think, this coaching converts average candidate into IAS Nobody else than you can induce effectively and efficiently ‘possible change’ in you.


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